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Doni Salmanan captured for theft of cash

 In various VIP names, Doni Salmanan, a suspect in the twofold decision venture extortion case, has again gathered three VIPs, beginning from Atta Halilintar and content makers Reza Arap and Arifmuhammaddd.
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The police examination and criminal organization to the National Police Headquarters keeps on analyzing the blood stream of Doni Salman as a suspect affiliator in the fake venture instance of matched decision quoteex exchanges about Rizky Febian's test was called yesterday today Content Creator Reza oktovian moniker Reza will show up at the National Police Criminal Investigation Agency.

 food showed up at 10.00 am for road merchants to meet the agent's call, if it's not too much trouble, note that he had gotten 1 billion rupiah from Doni Salman while playing internet games while giving this gift.

 There was even a scene in the internet in last year, while another substance maker, Arif Muhammad, was likewise present toward the beginning of today to meet the call from the Criminal Investigation Police, he asked that the assessment plan, which was initially planned for Friday, be climbed to now, as opposed to Reza, despite the fact that Arif Muhammad had contact with Doni salman, while selling his extravagance vehicle, simultaneously, purchased a Porsche 922 Carrera S with a worth of 4 billion rupiah, this cost was considered nonsensical in light of the fact that it was more costly than the pre-owned market cost.

 At ten o'clock two forces to be reckoned with or content makers showed up at the Criminal Investigation Unit at the Police Headquarters. The first to show up, we observed, was Rezaoktovian or Reza, who for the most part shown up around 10 o'clock wearing a dark coat.

 Reza Arap himself is known to have gotten cash or gifts from Doni Salman while playing web based games where around then Doni Salman provided orders over and again beginning from 10 million to 1 billion rupiah.

 then, at that point, after Reza Arab came, it was followed straight by satisfied Creator Arie Muhammad, which Arief Muhammad himself was connected or.

engaged with exchanges with Nana, to be specific trading sports or the kind of Porsche Danone Carera, how around then Doni salman purchased the games vehicle so much or 4 billion rupiah.

At one o'clock this evening, it was trailed by YouTuber Atta Halilintar where Atta Halilintar himself got a thing from Doni where when he had his 27th birthday celebration and Salman gave a sack with the Biore brand as a present when he showed up at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police Headquarters.

 atahalintar carried the sack and was prepared to return the pack on the off chance that the POLRI Criminal Investigation Officer specialists would give bearings for the pack to be returned.

Obviously, we will stand by. The three financial backers who were called today toward the beginning of the day and furthermore this evening didn't give an adequate number of articulations, since they decided to meet with the Criminal Investigation Unit first to figure out insights regarding the case.

 for sure is what is going on or the progression of assets they get and the subsidiary outcomes are the paired choices suspect from Salman. Can later the POLRI Bareskrim specialists request or request it to be returned.

 or on the other hand How, obviously later, we will hear the aftereffects of the assessment from the Criminal Investigation Police agents connected with how the progression of assets and furthermore the merchandise they got will be returned or maps or not, other than these three individuals, there are without a doubt different specialists who are associated with being additionally gotten a flood of assets from Doni Salman.

 As is known yesterday, Rizky Febian was likewise gathered to get 400 million, then there was additionally the craftsman Rizky Bella and furthermore Lesti-Kejora.

found in the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police Headquarters since we have not gotten any additional data whether or when Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora were gathered by the Criminal Investigation Unit agents at the Police Headquarters.

 since these two got cash from Salman's leaf when the marriage was organized some time back then another individual is an artist named Alvira how he gave for Project Wonderland on or on Wonderland content transferred on the YouTube stage.

 Where Doni Salman likewise gave or contributed that a specific measure of cash which had proactively finished itself had explained on his Instagram that the cash given from Salman had been given to apparatuses for the Jami Mosque, activity instruments which were then utilized for purchasers or dealing with Wonderland content tasks. which has been transferred on the YouTube phase of YouTube.

 Obviously this will be determined by the media group. What is the continuation or destiny of the three individuals or the progression of assets got by those presently being examined by the National Police Criminal Investigation Officer, in particular Air Muhammad Atta Halilintar and furthermore Reza Arab, straightforwardly questioning three VIPs at the Jakarta Police Headquarters

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